Who’s Responsible for What?

House with tools
Homeowners often wonder who’s responsible for something in their neighborhood, and the answer isn’t always crystal clear.

In general, an association is responsible for repairing or replacing common or shared elements. Owners, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining their own homes.

But there are two problems that come with this definition. First, some areas are neither common elements nor part of your home, and these are called limited common elements. Who is responsible for these?

Second, ownership and responsibility for repair and replacement are not necessarily the same thing, which makes it even more confusing.

Since each association is different, you would need to check your association’s governing documents to find out what you’re responsible for and what your association is responsible for. The documents typically include a maintenance responsibility chart that may help clear up any confusion. You can find the governing documents in the Documents section of your association’s website.

Though this chart is fairly comprehensive, you may still have questions. If a maintenance responsibility item isn’t listed, check with your association manager or a board member for clarification.