The Value of Quailty Landscaping

Most associations have a robust landscaping budget, but the practical purposes accomplished by quality landscaping makes it money well spent.

  • Landscaping can save money. Substituting perennial ground cover for grass greatly reduces maintenance, and drought-tolerant plants reduce water costs.
  • Shrubs and trees screen unsightly utility boxes, trash areas or an unfortunate view. They also make effective sound barriers and privacy screens.
  • Landscaping creates new habitats. Some parts of the grounds can be untended natural areas where small shrubs and saplings grow, thus creating habitats for birds, chipmunks and other small animals.
  • Landscaping adds color. Flowering trees add color in spring. Purple plum trees, specimen evergreens and other colorful varieties provide color throughout the year.
  • Landscaping can direct common-area traffic. For example, shrubs planted in strategic locations will funnel pedestrians toward an exit.
  • Landscaping can stabilize awkward topography. A terraced slope planted with ground cover or small shrubs has a dramatic effect without minimal maintenance issues.
  • Landscaping provides visual interest, especially when it incorporates architectural elements like fountains, arbors, gazebos or fences.

Landscaping is a long-term investment in your community that rewards individual homeowners and the association as well.