Crime Prevention Tips!

crimeDon’t be a victim of crime. Follow these tips and you should no longer be an easy target for thieves.

  • Make sure all your doors and windows are locked.
  • Keep garage doors closed even while doing yard work.
  • Do not keep items in unattended vehicles.
  • If you have a security system, use it.
  • If you must leave a key outside for someone, the best rule is not to  leave a spare key anywhere as most criminals will be able to find it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report unusual activities. Chances are if it looks unusual, it is.
  • Turn the porch light on at night. Use cost effective bulbs & use a  timer if you work late.
  • Use timers inside your home to turn on televisions, radios, & lights when you’re not home.
  • Keep your yard neat, bushes, shrubs, etc trimmed, making it easy for neighbors to spot the unusual.
  • Make sure that flood lights are working.