2021 CINC Up Conference

CINC Up 2021 LogoSince we opened our doors in 1990, Priestley Management Company has been committed to staying on the cutting edge of the association management industry. Our association management software plays an integral part in achieving this goal. Thus, every year our staff members head down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the annual CINC Up conference put on by our software partner, CINC Systems. Educational sessions at the conference teach our staff members how to use the software to its maximum capacity as well as inform them of upcoming enhancements.
Now that the conference is over, it has never been more apparent that CINC is also committed to remaining a leader in the association management software industry.

Below are some of the takeaways from this year’s conference:

  1. CINC is growing. They continue to add more talent to their staff which will result in a better user experience for the PMC staff and our homeowners. Companywide, CINC now has over 300 employees including 29 employees in the training and implementation department and 64 employees in the technology department.
  2. Acquisition of HOAst. CINC announced that they are purchasing HOAst, a leading e-voting platform for HOAs. This will make them the first association management software with a fully integrated e-voting platform. This is significant for North Carolina homeowner associations because as of September 20, 2021, HB 320 (Short title “Modernize Remote Business Access”) gives them the option to hold virtual member meetings and make decisions through written or electronic balloting or electronic voting. This acquisition will allow our associations the convenience of voting online via their CINC WebAxis portal.
  3. New reporting designs. CINC is currently beta testing new, modernized reports (such as financial statements).
  4. New communication center. CINC is currently designing a communication center which will allow for one-on-one communication between homeowners and their management company.
  5. Module enhancement. CINC is enhancing modules to allow for lease tracking and tenant login to the WebAxis portal. This will allow association managers to efficiently track leases when required by an association’s governing documents. Additionally, it will give tenants access to certain areas of the community website.
  6. Mobile software. CINC is committed to mobile applications as more people will utilize this form of technology in the future. They continue to invest in heavily in the association manager and homeowner/Board member apps.

We cannot wait for the PMC team and our community associations to reap the benefits of these new features. Stay on the lookout for these enhancements over the coming year!